Why I am grateful for Covid-19

Ignite Your Can Do Mindset: Why Am I Grateful for COVID 19?


Each month I receive an Action for Happiness calendar. This calendar consists of 30 days of wellbeing actions you can do, to look after yourself and others, as we go through the global crisis together. It has become an enjoyable daily habit to check in with the calendar and make time to reflect on each action and be grateful.

This month I was inspired by an action – to list the things I am grateful for. As part of my regular morning routine, to set myself up for the day, I affirm three things I am thankful for in my life. So, I decided to take the calendar action one step further, to consider why I am grateful for COVID 19, and focus on the positives I have achieved during the crisis.

The first is Connection. To connect is to combine, to attach, to strengthen. Over the past few months, I have noticed a shift in my connection to self, and the people I am connected to or connect to. For self, it has raised my level of self-awareness. I made a commitment to focus inward and introspect to dig deep to enable myself to manage the changing situation. With my husband, we have shared a deeper level of conversation, having been forced into a unique living situation. From the start of the crisis, we began a daily evening walk around our neighbourhood, for fitness and togetherness. Being in the open air, gifted us an opportunity to talk about our day, make plans, and enjoy being in the moment.


On a family and friends’ level, this time has delivered an enriched feeling of love and connectedness, as we are spread across the globe. We have made time to share family birthdays and regular catchups on Zoom – to be truly present for each person and have fun times and conversations, together. On a business level, I have noticed the strengthening of connections. Collaboration plays a key role in my business. Prior to the crisis, I embarked on a personally rewarding partnership with a fellow coach. Together we share an uplifting and progressive relationship that brings out the best in us. During this time, we have focused on ways to maximise the strength of our connection. Positive results speak volumes as we have developed a series of leadership programmes, launched an online networking group, and set up numerous work opportunities for the coming months.

Next is Wellbeing. Maintaining an agile mind and body has become even more of a priority at this time. I have increased my fitness and lost weight, made time to read more and check in more often with loved ones, friends, and clients. The crisis has enhanced my commitment level, as I have made extra effort to focus my mindset on developing healthy, progressive, and sustainable physical and cognitive habits.  

Throughout COVID 19, I have been truly grateful for the opportunity to connect, reconnect, and interconnect with self and others, to focus inward and outward to build, enable, and grow.

What have you been grateful for during the pandemic?

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