As I write I am enjoying the magnificent soundtrack of nature – a symphony of powerful cracks of thunder and energetic strikes of lightning with a backing vocal of heavy rain.

Sheer majesty. I simply adore a good thunderstorm. (BTW I live in the thunderstorm capital of the world)

Watching a thunderstorm approach is quite a spectacle. The clouds thicken and the sky darkens. It builds and builds. The rain starts. Lightning strikes. Thunder roars.

The power is immense.  (I keep smiling because with each sentence I write, the sky lights up and another roll of thunder happens)

Regardless of the intensity and duration, the storm will pass. The rumbles will recede into the distance. The bolts will lose their zap. The rain will stop. The sun will come out.

I will weather the storm.

What does it take to weather the storm?

I admit, the past six months has tested my resilience. We uprooted our lives and moved halfway across the world to set up life in a new place. Starting out in a new country has handed out many challenges and an expected level of uncertainty into our lives. Breaking into a new community to make friends and build connections takes time. The storm front has approached with intensity.

At times the energy has built up and from it comes a powerful surge. I liken these surges to both moments of overwhelm and to small, celebratory wins.  The yin and yang of lightning and thunder.

Not giving permission to the thunderstorm to continue has proved to be tough. I have had to stop, to dig deep and allow myself to weather the storm. I have had to unearth my most resilient self to win through.

I have shifted my mindset and let the storm pass. It’s the Can Do way.

To help you weather the storm in life, career or business and build your resilience, here are 3 simple, proven and practical tips:

  1. Stop and Breathe. Make time to review your progress. Remind yourself how far you’ve come and what you have achieved. It’s the small wins which become big successes.
  2. Change the Scenery. When overwhelm strikes take a walk in the ‘green gym’ and refresh your mind, body and spirit. Choose a different work space or co-work with others.
  3. Shift your Focus. Do ONE priority task at a time. Reduce the chaos and aim to achieve more clarity. You’ll get more of the good stuff done and you’ll feel better too.

Learning to weather the storm will take time. Building resilience will occur when you focus on working your way through and learning from your challenges. Consider: What one learning point can you take from each experience to boost your resilience?

Guess what. The storm has now passed, and the sun has come out… #CanDo