Gail Gibson - Fifteen Years and 5 C’s of Success

Fifteen Years and 5 C’s of Success

Fifteen years ago, on September 14th, 2005, was my first day as a self-employed person. Scared and excited are two words that spring to mind. Scared about what I do not know yet. Excited about what can happen and where it can take me. Last week I was employed in a leadership role within a corporate organization, with a regular paycheck at the end of each month. From now, it is me, going solo, with limited funds. What a difference a week makes when you take a leap of faith to begin a new journey of discovery into the unknown. What have I done?

Jump forward to September 14th, 2020. You know, the question “What have I done?” is one I have never again asked myself in fifteen years. Right from the start of being self-employed, I knew deep inside, I had made the right life-changing decision that would turn out to be one of the best I have ever made in my life.

I am proud to celebrate fifteen successful and rewarding years in business. Wow, what a ride it has been and continues to be. Not a day goes by when I am not thrilled to do the work I love. Each morning I am filled with gratitude and purpose for the day ahead for the coaching work I get to deliver, to touch lives and minds, to make a real difference.

How will I celebrate my fifteen years in business? I have chosen to gift you with my 5 Can Do C’s of Success. These C’s are a mix of mindset, behaviours, and actions I have developed and continue to develop on my personal journey of discovery.

Care. Prioritising self-care is one of the most important things I have learned to make time for. When I fail to take care of myself, I limit my ability to deliver my personal best. The positive routine of Care has taken time to build and become accountable for. Wellbeing is my focus to start each day. Exercise and mindfulness occur first every morning, to power up my mind and body. Hydration, healthy eating, and regular sleep support and enrich my overall self-care habit.

Choice. When I embarked on my business quest, little did I know how many choices lay ahead? Some choices I made were good ones, others not so good. As an individual who thrives on variety, choice opened many conversations and doors which led to positive and progressive opportunities, results, and personal and business growth.

Curiosity. An open mind, inspiration, fresh perspectives, and innovative techniques and tools have enabled my mindset, purpose, and direction to be taken down unfamiliar paths, toward limitless possibilities. Being curious permits freedom of thought to step into whitespace, to wonder, explore, and create.

Collaboration. I love collaborative working relationships. For me, collaboration builds on like-minded synergy, as it unites individual strengths, skills, knowledge, and perspectives, to become consistent proof of a winning combination. I am grateful to past, continuing, and current collaborative partners. Each of you has inspired, motivated, challenged, and contributed to our mutual success. Thank you all.

Continual Learning. The act of constant learning keeps me accountable to meet and exceed my personal development and coaching business growth goals and dreams. I am committed to being self-reflective, intentional in my learning, and continually seeking to improve.

And finally, without the incredible support of family, friends, colleagues, and clients across the globe, the last fifteen years may have remained unrealised. Thank you all. Join me, as I raise a glass or two to fifteen memorable years. Stay tuned for my next milestone…

2 thoughts on “Fifteen Years and 5 C’s of Success”

  1. Congratulations to you Gail, My Can Do Coach..! In accomplishing what you have this 15 years… not only in your business but to the lives that you have touched and helped along the way… Cheers to you… and may 15 more years to come that we can enjoy and celebrate these beautiful moments and milestones again… CHEERS….

    1. Thank you Boy for your heartfelt words. I live my purpose, to touch lives, and make a real difference. I am grateful for the opportunity to be Can Do Coach to you and the rest of the Can Do team. Each one of you inspires and uplifts my day.

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