Ignite Your Can Do Mindset: Let’s Get Curious

Ignite Your Can Do Mindset: Let’s Get Curious

Reading is my favourite pastime, both on a personal and professional level. Books feed my voracious appetite for the written word and spark my curious nature. At present, I am embracing curiosity, as I read “The Future Leader”, by Jacob Morgan. I was intrigued by a job title Jacob described: The Chief Curiosity Officer. Imagine how exciting the role can be, as you get paid to get curious. Imagine how you can lead yourself and a team of people to create change that makes a real difference. I am fascinated to discover more. Are you?

Since my early twenties, I have been travelling across the globe. One thing I have learned about myself, from travel, is that curiosity has driven my desire to want to explore more of the world. From my adventures, I have enabled this positive habit to be fed constantly, to be ever curious, to learn more, to see more, and to be more. Travel and curiosity have shaped who I have become.

As I have grown and emerged as a successful leader in my own company, the act of being curious has helped to open my thinking, to explore opportunities and new ways of doing things. Curiosity has opened conversations, lifted my thinking to a new level, and won business. Being creative and asking questions has turned countless ideas into reality, resulting in the coaching programmes and presentations I deliver.

When did we stop being curious? As children, we were filled with creativity and imagination. We explored the world around us; we learned to climb trees, ride a bicycle, dig in the soil, and discover things. Children are actively curious little people. As we grew, we moved into a system of education, followed by, for many people, a working environment. Is this the point where we were stripped of being curious? Did we allow our thinking to become lost in the process of work, in this neatly packaged system from which we generate results?

What if we gave ourselves permission, once again, to embrace a more curious approach?

Within this creative space, we can explore so much more about ourselves, the people around us, and we can become more open to opportunities. Curiosity can help us realise and actualise that which may not yet be discovered and can activate a shift in mindset, to be open to all that is possible.

Curiosity: A word I love.

A way of life I will continue to live and be inspired by. A chance to activate next level creativity in those whose lives I touch. Personally, getting curious is about seeking and gaining knowledge, inspiring fresh perspectives, and generating ideas. I am encouraged to put on my walking boots, grab my passport and backpack of life, and to be an adventurous explorer in this incredible world.

How ready and willing are you to step into wonder?

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