IMAG1187_1Have you heard of the 21 day rule? 

The 21 day rule is a method of doing/saying/being something for 21 days, to make your ‘something’ become a habit. What habit do you do on a daily basis? Each day you more than likely eat meals, brush your teeth, use your mobile phone, watch TV or work on a computer. These are habits that you have built up over a period of time.

How about adding more progressive and potentially life-changing habits to your life or your business? To quote a friend’s post on Facebook, “Life is like a plastic snow dome…sometimes you gotta shake it up and change the scenery! ” 

Like a kick start to help make your 21 day rule happen?

To ‘shake up your life or business and change the scenery’ you can:

1. Write a daily blog and link it to article directories and social media networking sites to market yourself.

2. Meditate each day for at least 10 minutes to review your day ahead, to be thankful and to spend quality ‘you’ time.

3. Join your social media platforms of choice and participate in the conversation. Share your experience, knowledge and advice to help others.

4. Set aside one day each week as a dedicated marketing day for your business i.e. every Monday

5. Meet a friend for a one hour coffee to clear the cobwebs, refresh your thoughts, and enjoy a break from your four walls.

6. Read offline each day, during a break, at lunch time or before sleeping. Alternate your reading material between pleasure and business.

7. Network on a regular basis to promote yourself, to grow as an individual and to build a useful set of associates, suppliers and prospective clients.

8. Add exercise to your day. Go to the gym or step outside and run, walk, jog, cycle etc Exercise encourages a revival of body, mind and spirit, as you give yourself permission to take time out from the pressures and demands of everyday life.

9. Volunteer to help a local charity. Pay it forward when you give a little of yourself and your time.

Remember consistency and commitment are keys to making your 21 day rule a success, so stick at whatever you choose to do to make change happen!