Yesterday at the Woodborough Entrepreneurs group in Pewsey, Wiltshire I delivered an interactive presentation on the concept of being BOLD in business, with a key focus on my BOLD acronym:

  • Belief
  • Opportunity
  • Lead; and
  • Dare.

To take BOLD steps in business you need to:

  • Believe in yourself, your talents and skills. Face your fears such as picking up the phone and calling your ‘quiet’ customers, and let go of what is holding you back. Follow your heart, your passion for why you do what you do.
  • Be opportunistic in approach. Create your own luck. Ask questions, network, listen more and speak less, and then network, network and network some more, both on and offline.
  • Lead your marketplace or sector. Think about your greatest competitor – the internet. There are other businesses like you, however you need to niche yourself to an audience who learn to like, know, trust and buy from you.
  • Dare to step outside your comfort zone and into the zone of where the magic happens. Get people talking or ‘remarking’ about you in a positive way.


And to assist you to become more BOLD here is your BOLD action plan:

  1. What BOLD steps will you take maintain BELIEF in your goal/moonshot?
  2. What BOLD steps will you take to seize the OPPORTUNITY?
  3. What BOLD steps will you take to LEAD your market?
  4. What BOLD steps will you take to DARE to stand out and be remarkable?

As Steve Tobak says in his book, Real Leaders Don’t Follow, “Because we live in a highly competitive world, we don’t just want to react to the changing world, we want to shape it. We want to be out in front, leading the pack.”

When will you give yourself permission to step into your zone of magic and unleash the BOLD you?