Do you agree that delivering excellent customer service is the most important aspect of any business? Ignore this vital element and your business will suffer, perhaps even fail.


Because we all know what happens when a customer is dissatisfied, upset or angry. They tell almost everyone they know, who tell people they know, and so on. In addition there are complaints to deal with, less customers to serve and you may even receive negative press, to name a few.

Instead of being written or talked about for bad service, set a standard right from the inception of your business idea, then stick with it and maintain a consistent level throughout the delivery of service. Always treat each and every customer as the most important person and give them 100% of your attention.

Did you know that when you set yourself a small, incremental goal each day for 7 days, you can delight your customers in just ONE week?

Here’s how you can do it:

Sunday: Your goal is to Design. Create key elements or create a signature (to stand out from the crowd!) of your service that you will deliver. Write down your core values and focus on these.

Monday: Your goal is to Engage. Think about how you can share your key message with your customer – to inspire, excite and delight. As well consider how your audience are talking and how they want to engage with you.

Tuesday: Your goal is to Lead. Is your aspiration to become the top supplier? Whether you manage a bar, work as a Virtual PA or an IT specialist, your aim is to lead your market, to be the one that others follow, remain loyal to, and aspire to be like. How can you innovate to differentiate from your competitors – to be remarkable?

Wednesday: Your goal is to Implement. You’ve designed your delivery, you’ve decided how you will share your message, now put it into action. Start talking to your audience. Make your communication strategy happen!

Thursday: Your goal is to Give. Initiate a positive response from the start via an irresistible offer. This must not detract from your core values but let it act as a way to encourage and delight. Ensure you deliver 100% attention on your customer.

Friday: Your goal is to Harness. Do you have a firm hold of the reins? It’s time to harness your market by spreading your word both online and offline. Decide on and stay focused on your marketing strategy. Use social media to educate your market about your business and to gain a following. Put yourself in front of your target audience – think about who is your ideal demographic – 18-35 year olds?

Saturday: Your goal is Transform. How will you make a difference to the lives of those who receive your excellent service? Always focus on how you can deliver the benefits of your business in the best way possible. Transform the expectation of your customer from satisfaction to immense delight!