Do you feel like your business flame has gone out? What do you need to do to rekindle your spark?

Nicknamed ‘Firestarter’, I simply love to set minds on fire. Working with a group of small business owners, I did just that.

An explosive idea, born and inspired by Bonfire night, we ignited the flame of thought.

Why choose November to ignite a flame in your business when Christmas is only weeks way? Why not wait until January to set goals and plan your new year in business? Get a head start. Take action now. Remember, remember your business in November.

How did the fires begin?

Each group was tasked to share their thoughts on a specific fire related question. In other words, to ‘warm up’ and activate their thoughts into action.

As people discussed their task, fires of thought were stoked. Small fires turned into a glorious bonfire of focus, for everyone to take away ideas they can put into action. Flames of thought, to enable each person to make a difference to their own business, whatever stage they are currently at.

What flames of wisdom can you add to your business?


  • To start a fire. Know why you are doing what you are doing, who your customers are, what you are promoting/selling and how to offer it. Your target audience is your kindling, the small pieces which encourage a bigger fire to develop.


  • When your flame goes out. Revisit your Why and focus on innovation. Make sure your brand message doesn’t go stale and you lose potential opportunities. Skill development or refining is key to stop your flame from being blown out. Regularly update your business skills.


  • What can you do to reignite your business spark? Network, network, network. Connect, interact, overcome isolation and loneliness, and gain/share support, help and advice. Why sit in front of your laptop and get yourself worked up about how nothing seems to be going right in your business? Why throw water on your fire? Reconnect with real people, in real life situations. Reignite your fire, from a flicker into a bright, constant flame. Take one step at a time. Prioritise the things that matter. Be kind to yourself. Keep your flame burning, with confidence.


  • How to manage your fire. Carve out ideas time to stay in control. Light small fires in your mind and explore your options. How can your small fires turn into bold and brave actions? Know your own capacity and set yourself a personal limit, to avoid burnout or your business turning into an uncontrollable wildfire. Get yourself an accountability buddy. Someone you trust who will challenge, encourage and support you, to enable you to reach and smash your goals.


As you remember, remember your business in November, I’d love to hear how you plan to ignite or reignite your business flame, or what help you need help to make this happen, to set your sparks of success flying into the coming year and beyond.