Voice over artist, Freelance Mum Networking Queen, Mum of 2 girls and keen runner, Faye Dicker, talks about who inspired her to run and how running helps to refresh her perspective in business.

When did you start running and why?

In 2000 I started running, after being inspired by my Dad, who ran the London Marathon, when I was six years old. I didn’t know what 26.2 miles was at the age of six, yet I wanted to run. In fact, I desperately wanted to run a marathon. As I got older, I thought, running a marathon is something I want to do. First I trained for a half marathon, even though I was only running 3 mile distances. When I crossed the finish line, I then set my next challenge to run a marathon, which I ran the following year.

Run solo or with a group/club? Prefer to listen to music/podcasts on your run or take in the sounds of nature?

For me, running is a solo experience, where I allow myself to go inward in thought. I like to call it ‘head filing’. It almost feels like cheating to listen to music, because I prefer the hear the sound of my footsteps. When I get tired, I talk myself through the tiredness in stages, working from my feet upwards. It is, quite literally, a journey with myself, in the moment.


What are the 3 top reasons why you love to run?

Mental clarity. I go for a run, I come back and my world is okay again. Physical benefits. I feel lighter, my blood feels fresher, and I feel boosted. Mind and body connection. Running delivers a sense of being in a better space. It is a period of time that passes, a time for you to reflect and be calmer, where your mind and body unite as one.

What effect does running have on your performance as a business owner?

Improved clarity. As a business owner it is all too easy to get caught up in the running of the business. By running, as I’m often the last one to give myself something back, I give myself an opportunity to declutter, to reflect and to return with fresh focus.


How does running impact on your energy levels as you run your business?

I feel that the energy I build from running, boosts my energy levels as a business owner. Energy promotes energy. With an energised and renewed focus, I actually achieve more than I set out to achieve.

Running is a gift that you can give yourself, and it doesn’t cost you more than a pair of trainers.

Describe the feeling of achieving a PB

It’s an amazing feeling. When you really get stuck in, to focus on running as fast as you can, you move into a zone that you’ve never experienced before. And crossing the finish line in a sub time – it is simply incredible.

How could you benefit from running with someone who can help you work through your challenges?

I think that running with someone, takes it to a different level. Thoughts begin to move at a different pace, and I find that new ideas spring to mind. When someone is next to you, sharing thinking and challenging you, in the moment, you are able to capture the moment and take the energy to the next level.


Why would you recommend the activity of running to other business owners or executives?

I’d recommend it because it’s something that you can always do. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a pair of trainers, you can run. You can always run, whatever the weather, you are your own boss.

Running gives you a chance to regain perspective in a unique way, that only running can.