Yesterday I ran with a new buddy. Like to meet my running buddy?

Introducing my funky, purple FlipBelt which I discovered at Be Fit London on Saturday.

Always on the lookout for the best way to hold onto keys and my phone, when out running, I spotted this innovative accessory and thought I’d try it on for size.

The first cool thing is that you simply step into the FlipBelt and pull it up to where it feels most comfortable, on your waist or your hips, under or over your clothing. Preferring to wear mine across my hips, over my top, I immediately noticed how comfortable the belt was.

Flip belt in the shops

What I really like about the FlipBelt is the fab mini karabiner key clip – perfect to attach your house key. I’d suggest you avoid clipping a full set of keys as your comfort level while running will disappear. Take only what you need – less is more. Once your key is secure simply push it inside the pocket and you’re away. I found the FlipBelt stayed perfectly in place throughout my 10km run. In fact once I was running, I forgot I was wearing the FlipBelt, so I’d give it a 10/10 for comfort.

Fairford 10K 2014

There are four slot pockets around the belt, for ease of use to slip your phone, lip balm, sunscreen etc inside. Because the stretch fabric hugs the shape of your body and the belt contents, your items remain secure and won’t fall out.

Flash Flipbelt and win £50

For extra security you can flip the belt, as in the name, for keeping all your bits safe.

Available in a great range of bold colours and sizes, I say, get yourself a FlipBelt, minimise what you need to carry, and head on out for a run. Remember to #FlashYourFlipbelt.

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